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My dream wellness boxes ... and a special offer for you with Mindful Chef ...

Yesterday I had some very special deliveries which all contribute as part of my wellness plan ...

Every week I get my delivery of organic food and produce from Abel & Cole. I love their customer service and their quality of food and they served me well throughout all of the pandemic!

Every month I get my package of wellness and plant based medicine from doTERRA. Certified, pure and tested grade of essential oils which are literally my medicine cabinet, my cleaning material, my spa products and my skincare! Every month I buy they as part of a loyalty reward programme which earns me 30% back in product points which I can use for future purchases. I save so much money on items I would normally have to buy on the high street.

This week I decided to try something new ... Mindful Chef. The reason I chose them is because they align with my values on nutrition ... all of their recipes are gluten free, the meat is grass-fed, the chicken and eggs are free-range, the fish is wild caught and the meals have 33% more protein than other boxes to fill you up!

What do you look forward to as part of your wellness? If you want to share in the delights of Mindful Chef and get 25% off 4 boxes, send me your email address and I'll pop it into the voucher code box and you could be taking part in your own wellness delivery very soon!