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Spring Enrolment Promotion – Extension!

Extended until 15 May 2021 Welcome new essential oil lovers to doTERRA with our Spring Enrolment Promotion – now extended until 15 May 2021! Do you have a friend who wants to join? May is the perfect month to enjoy limited time offer essential oils and to enrol!

How to Earn: New enrolees can sign up as a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer between 1–15 May 2021 and place either a: 100 PV or more enrolment order to receive a FREE Red Mandarin (5 ml).   OR  200 PV or more enrolment order to receive a FREE Red Mandarin (5 ml), Clementine (15 ml) and Lime (15 ml).   Available for a limited time only  o r while supplies last.  

Product of the Month - Tangerine (15 ml)

Tangerine has a long history of use in Chinese culture. A popular and flavourful addition to desserts and drinks – from cakes to fruit smoothies – Tangerine is a tangy substitute to use in place of other citrus fruits. Try adding Tangerine essential oil to tea or lemonade for an uplifting twist! In addition, due to its limonene content, Tangerine’s sweet, tangy aroma simultaneously uplifts and calms. Receive the FREE Product of the Month when you place a single Loyalty Order, totalling 125 PV or more, that processes on or before 15 May  2021.

10% Off - Zendocrine™ (15 ml) 

Zendocrine is a go-to oil for those looking to begin a lifestyle change. If you’re looking to create a new project or need help kick-starting a goal, take one drop of doTERRA Zendocrine daily for one week as part of a wellness-living regimen.

The 10% discount is reflected in the displayed price.  Discount does not apply to Point Redemption orders. 

Limited Time Offers!

Limited Time Offer - The dōTERRA Citrus Bloom™ Collection

Limited Time Offer - Brevi™ Diffuser

If you'd like to know more about how to take advantage of these offers and open your very own wholesale account with doTERRA contact me at