Join our Green Cleaning Challenge!

I haven't used chemicals in my home for such a long time now since learning about the versatile benefits and uses of essential oils. Unhelpful chemicals burden your liver and create dis-ease in your body's natural state of harmony. This month we are sharing with our customers a way to Spring Clean your home environment and learn how to make your own safer, greener, cleaning products.

So, if you're ready to ditch those chemicals join our Green Cleaning Challenge 12-18 April.

It all kicks off for our customers in our Wellness Buddies Facebook group.

We have created a Green Cleaning Guide for you, to download and keep. It includes all our favourite green cleaning recipes and handy tips that we've we collected, over the years, now all in one place for you to use easily.

Throughout the 7 day challenge, in the facebook group, everyone taking part will be chucking out their shop bought cleaning products and making their own, using old fashioned ingredients like vinegar and bicarb plus the cleansing and purifying power (+ gorgeous natural aromas) of doTERRA's oils.

We’ll encourage you to share pictures of the green cleaning products you make / the recipes you try, your favourite combinations of oils and perhaps you have a recipe we don’t know about!

At the end of the challenge we’ll also be picking some winners from those taking part and giving away some prizes.

If you're not on facebook, you can still use the Green Cleaning Guide to help you green up your clean commercial cleaning products! Just ask me for the guide which is FREE for our customers.

If you'd like to join in but you're not yet a doTERRA customer message me to find out about getting a wholesale account and 25% off all of your oils.