It's BOGO time!

Some good news ... it's BOGO time ... starting at midnight!

We wondered when doTERRA would spring another BOGO on us ... and now they have! We're very excited for all you oil lovers! What are BOGOs? Well, they are a great opportunity to build your oil collection for free! Basically, it's buy one, get one free. Know your BOGOs! This is an incredible collection of oils. You'll receive over £120 worth of free oils if you buy all the BOGOs! Check out this brochure, where you'll find some wonderful info on all of the BOGOs, how to use them and what other oils work well with them. The BOGOs will start Wednesday 24th February and end Friday 26th February. If you want to read the terms and conditions around the BOGOs you can find all of those out here. Don't wait too long to order though, these go really, really quickly! Try out your new doTERRA shop to buy your BOGOs! When ordering your BOGOs you'll now be able to use your new shop front ... login and and try it! You'll need to use to access it.

Don't have a doTERRA account yet?

If you don't have a doTERRA account yet but would like to take advantage of some of these fantastic offers, now is a great time to start. Not only do you get your account but we have a continuing education program for all of our customers from how to deal with physical wellbeing all the way to using natural solutions with your little ones.

Drop me an email to find out more or check out this link about how to order ...