If only I'd used my time more wisely over lockdown, I could have reached the end of Candy Crush!

That's a joke, obviously. But it made me think of the time I have wasted over this lockdown period. I could have used the time to get myself into real shape, but I didn't. And, now I find myself two stone heavier, on top of a frame that really can't afford that!

As a nutritionist I feel slightly ashamed to admit all of this. The quality of what I eat is extremely good. All my food is always organic from Abel & Cole. I just eat too much of it, let my emotions rule my head and give in to temptation too easily. The lure of alcohol and the need for a treat in the form of chocolate to get through the lonely lockdown days and nights, (thank god for at least being able to have a bubble!), plus extreeeemely late nights have taken their toll. At the end of the day I'm a real person just like everyone one else with their own struggles.

However, also as a nutritionist, I know all too well that weight management is not as simple as calories in and calories out. There are many things at play. It's not just about food (although as they say, you can't outrun a bad diet). Your genes, your gender, physical activity of course, any medications you may be on, different medical conditions, your gut health, your blood sugar management, how you manage stress and your emotions (so many of our food habits are wrapped up in how we feel), how much sleep we're getting etc etc etc etc ... and on it goes. It's not easy - I know!

So, as I write this, we have three months left until we are on full release from lockdown (fingers crossed). This time I'm going to use the time wisely. This time I'm committing to getting back in shape .. for good. I will share my ups and downs (coz I know it won't be straightforward!) in my Instagram stories. I know it's a long road to travel, but it's out there now, so no going back!

If you're struggling in the same way, what could you commit to? I'm looking at putting together a package or programme for those who also want help to take back control of their eating habits, using all of the things I already know, the tools I have at my disposal and what I learn along the way ... so watch this space. 👀

Who knows, maybe I'll use Candy Crush as a distraction, rather than reaching for that next glass of wine, and may even reach the end of it after all!