Going wild with orange ...

🧡I went wild with orange today and changed the look and feel of my sofa which completely changed my mood…🧡

What does the colour orange mean to you? To me it means vibrancy, joy, creativity, fun. It’s one of my favourite colours.

It’s also the colour of the sacral chakra which is located in the pelvic region and represents our gut feelings, wisdom and sensuality ….

There’s another orange I love too and that’s Wild Orange Essential Oil? It’s known as the Oil of Abundance, which I’m calling in right now!

The energizing, revitalising aroma of Wild Orange essential oil can also provide energy on a stress-filled day. It has a refreshing scent that helps to inspire feelings of energy, spontaneity, joy, and abundance. So, the next time you need to cheer yourself up, allow the bright aroma of Wild Orange to act as a pick-me-up during your day.

When you’re ready to use essential oils for emotional health, there are a few ways to effectively experience the potency and power they have to offer. When you find the oil you want to use, try any of these application methods:

  • Massage onto the base of the skull

  • Rub on the inside of the elbow

  • Use an essential oil diffuser

  • Apply a drop to the palms and inhale

  • Rub into the wrists and carry the aroma with you all day.

What do you do to change your mood? I’m off to go wild some more with orange … 😉.