FREE Radiant Skin from the Inside Out Workshop 1 July 8pm on Zoom - open to all!

This workshop on 1st July will be run by friends and co-collaborators Miranda and Sarah, two of the Wellness Buddies. They'll be covering the following in the workshop:

Why what we put on our skin matters (learn more about the exposures and chemicals that are not helpful for our skin).

Top habits for radiant skin (from a holistic perspective).

Why use essential oils in your skincare routine.

What is special about doTERRA’s oils.

Details of our Radiant Skin Camp, a week long skincare education immersion taking place in our Wellness Buddies facebook community between 12 and 18 July.

If you'd like to join this workshop, or be sent the recording, you can register below.

... and then join our Radiant Skin Camp

This workshop will lead into our Radiant Skin Camp, which is a week long education intensive - 12-18 July - in our Wellness Buddies Facebook group and there will be prizes! The skin camp will be FREE for customers.

If you're not yet a customer and would like to join, it will cost you just £28.80, which will also give you a doTERRA wholesale account, so you can purchase future skincare support if you wish with a 25% discount.

All campers will get access to:

- the Wellness Buddies collective Facebook group to join in for the Radiant Skin Camp, lots of helpful posts, videos and recipes

- A 30+ page Natural Skincare Ebook

- Option to win a prize in the challenge

Come and join us and see how radiant your skin can get!