Don't just follow your dreams, live them ...

Saturday was a day of wonder and awe. An array of chance happenings and events that can make a day so special.

Not massive and gigantic awe, but wonder at the world and and the way the universe works, wonder at the way people apply themselves to achieve their dream.

From watching in awe at the couple who diligently spent an hour blowing up and putting together their kayak so that they could experience the thrill of riding together on the sea ...

... to the couple who managed to get a whole wedding party, heels and all, onto the beach and into the surf to take photos with the bride and groom.

From the young and old novices who took to the water lagoon for a paddle boarding and wake boarding experience, not giving up, eventually finding their balance and experiencing the thrill of perseverance ...

... to the way the universe gifts you a car parking space, right next to an outdoor festival taking place with live music, and then being gifted two tickets to enter an arena we haven't had the chance to for what seems like an eternity!

And then, finally, that moment when you meet a stranger who touches your soul and gives you a gentle nudge in the right direction.

A stranger who is living out his dreams - electric skateboarding, travel and music photography - and I'm sure much more! []

A stranger who gives you his heart for a moment and reminds you not just to follow your dreams but to go out there and live your dreams.

What an awesome day!