A rare opportunity ...

🍋 On the 28th January we will be hosting a Business Opportunity Call at 8pm 🍋

The majority of the time those who build a dōTERRA business focus on supporting our customers with their oils. We came into this work because we are passionate about supporting others to create the changes in their lives that we have in order to better our physical and emotional health 🌱

We rarely publicly talk about the business side of dōTERRA, but we have been called to do so this year. For many of us dōTERRA has created huge shifts in our lives over the last few years, and during the uncertainty of the last year it has given us stability, in many different ways. We are aware that people are being called to do more fulfilling work, and to work in community with other likeminded souls, whilst creating financial independence so they can be truly sovereign beings. We know from personal experience that dōTERRA can be this. Of course it involves work, but for those it is right for, it can be what it has been for us. Equally it can be a fun side project, that connects you to deeper work that enriches your life in different ways. It can be whatever you want it to be, and whatever you make of it ✨

Because this is a rare occurrence, we will only run 2 other calls like this in 2021. After we have run this call, we will have a 3 week launch programme for those who wish to dive into learning more 📖

In order for you to decide if this is something you want to explore, here is a rough overview of what we will be sharing during this call:

• What makes dōTERRA a conscious business - why you can do this work with authenticity and with a heart centred approach

• AND importantly helping you understand HOW you can, and how it is SO important in our eyes, that you do this with authenticity and a heart centred approach, and how we help you do that (all of us have only been able to build this business because we have come from this place, as anything other than this would have felt very off to us)

• Diving into the purity and quality of the oils - as a reminder of why we choose these tools to support the health of ourselves and those we love

• What we offer as a community to our customers and those who are looking to build a business - it is important to us that whoever chooses to work with us, knows they will not be in it alone

• Our stories - why we chose to build a dōTERRA business, often for most of us, unexpectedly, and what it has meant for us

• Why this kind of business model works for this kind of product and why it is incredibly special, especially in times when people are looking for more sovereignty

• A brief overview of how the business model works (which we will delve into more at a later date for those who want to know more) 📖

You can register for the call via the link below 👇

Come along even if you are nosy. It will be very informal, sharing from our experiences, so you can feel into if this is something that is right for you 💗

This one is being hosted by Rochelle Hubbard, a highly experienced doTERRA leader and an font of knowledge - you don't want to miss it! Just type DAME Wellbeing into the form when asked for who introduced you.