Feeling a little hacked off?

When you're feeling sad - how do you lift yourself up? I'm not talking about full blown depression, I'm talking about the everyday things that happen to us sometimes that leave us feeling a little hacked off with the world. Do you have a good strategy for bouncing back? Here's my way and I'd love to hear yours.

First, I just let myself feel the feelings. I cry as much as I need to. I talk about the way I'm feeling too. For years I would always bottle things up but I've learnt that that doesn't work for me. I don't try and force the feelings away either,

because they'll just keep resurfacing but ten times worse. I just sit with the feelings and acknowledge them knowing that they won't last forever.

I also practice heart-focused breathing - it's a technique that gets you out of your head, into your heart and calms the nervous system down. At the same time you bring to mind something that brings you joy, like your children or a loved pet. It's crucial to really get inside and feel that positive emotion, not just think it. Practice that on a daily basis and you will find your whole outlook and perspective can change.

Essential oils are also a big part of helping me bounce back. I choose an oil that I particularly resonate with that day and diffuse it or wear it as perfume. dōTERRA do an uplifting blend called Cheer which contains a lovely mix of citrus and spice essential oils that "provides a cheerful boost of happiness and positivity when you are feeling down."

The final part of my bouncing back strategy - is to put the music on really loud and dance and sing until it's impossible not to feel happy!

How do you help yourself when you're feeling a little hacked off with the world?

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