You're not just buying oils ...

Education, education, education.  When you become a dōTERRA member you don't just get the oils, you get access to the dōTERRA lifestyle and lots of learning through me, my regular newsletter and the wonderful collective I'm part of called the Wellness Buddies. You can see our website   here.


You'll also get a 1-1 Wellness Consultation as part of your membership.


So, if you already have your heart set on buying the oils and would like me to support you with this please contact me or go right ahead and read on to find out about buying your oils with a 25% saving.


You can email me at and we can take it from there.



How to get these amazing oils into your home with a 25% saving ...


These instructions show you how to get your own membership. If you get into any difficulty do not hesitate to contact me!


Firstly go to:


Choose your language, and where you want the products to be shipped to (if in Europe then choose, Europe, and then the choice of your European country).

It then asks you the information again ... I don't know why!


Then choose ‘Wholesale Customer’ (if you wish to be an Advocate, still choose Customer and we can have a call to discuss converting you to an Advocate if relevant, which is an easy process – 85% of dōTERRA account holders remain as customers though).


Click ‘Continue’.


Then input your information:




Phone number

Email address


(Co-applicant only applies if you want your partner to have access to the account).


Tick the box to the right hand side to confirm that you want the order to be shipped to the same address, and it will auto-fill (assuming you want it to be shipped to this address).


Choose your time zone (e.g. if in the UK, choose ‘Dublin, Edinburgh, London’).


I would keep the box ticked to receive information from dōTERRA, because they don’t bombard you, and only send you relevant information, mainly just once a month.


Be aware that the system is American so your date of birth needs to be added with the month first, then the date and then the year.


My ID should automatically be added, but if not then you need to input ‘3847540’ into the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes.


Choose your password, click to agree to the T&Cs (which you can open and read if you would like to) and then click ‘Continue’.


At the top of the next page you will see a list of enrolment kits. Most

people opt for the Home Essentials Kit, which you will find in your

language if you scroll across. 




The Home Essentials Kit is 15ml bottles of 10 oils that empower you

with reinventing healthcare in your home. All of the oils in this kit can

be used daily to support up to roughly 80% of yours & your family's

physical and emotional wellbeing. 

The oils in this kit are:

Lavender- amazing for the skin, for sleep & anxiety
Lemon- detoxifying & cellular health
Peppermint- digestive health, fevers & headaches
Melaleuca(Tea Tree) - skin cleansing, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
Oregano- powerful immune support
Frankincense- The King of Oils - anti-inflammatory & immune boosting, a powerful support for the brain, cellular health & for the skin
On Guard- The Protective Blend - designed to kill airborne bacteria when used in the diffuser & to support our immune system when used topically or internally (please do not take any old brand of essential oils internally; it would be very dangerous)
Air- The Respiratory Blend - think colds, coughs, asthma, snoring!
Deep Blue- The Soothing Blend - for migraines, arthritis, muscle & ligament pain (this one can never be taken internally!)
ZenGest- The Digestive Blend - for all digestive conditions 

It also comes with a free diffuser, worth £49.67. The cost of this kit is £239,

including VAT.


This kit is also available in a smaller size, The Family Essentials Kit, which

is £122, including VAT. However, this kit is without the diffuser and the bottles

are 1/3rd the size. If you scroll along the top you will also find this kit, if it is the

one you want to start with.






If you want to enrol with just a membership and individual oils, then choose ‘Essentials Booklet + Enrolment Fee’. For this you will pay £28.80 (incl. VAT and postage), a fee which is waived with the kits, so the kits are better value for money.


Your chosen kit or enrolment pack will then be added into the cart. You can add extra oils by entering the name of the oil into the section of your cart where it says ‘Enter additional item # or product name’ in little grey wording.


Standard postage is normally plenty quick enough. I never select Premium.


If your billing address is the same as your shipping address, then just tick accordingly.


In most cases people want to pay with a card. You need to select Credit Card for both credit and debit cards.


Then click ‘Process Order Now & Continue’.


You will be taken to a page where you input your cards details. Input your details and then click ‘Process Order’.




I will see your order come through and send you out a Welcome email. I will also be in touch to arrange a call to talk you through your oils and any questions you might have and give you a 1-1 Welcome consultation.


If you have any problems please do not hesitate to get in touch via email at